Healthcare Building Management System

Potentia care offers a completely integrated building management system that is core to your building’s comfort requirements and sustainability strategy. Using our comprehensive range of controllers, field devices and software, we’ll help you customize a system to fit your hospital building and your future.

Is Your Facility in Good Health?

Our offered system controls and monitors the various electromechanical devices enabling hospitals and other buildings to perform necessary functions, including, but not limited to: 

  • Heating, Ventilation and Cooling (HVAC) systems
  • Nurse Call System
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Fire Alarming & Signaling system
  • Fire Suppression system
  • Security & integrity system
  • Energy monitoring
  • Boiler & Chiller rooms monitoring
  • PA system
  • Automatic Parking system
  • Infant Security Systems
  • Water Distribution Systems
  • Electrical Control Systems
  • Generators Fuel Monitoring
  • Lifts / Escalators Control
  • Access Control 

With our system, we ensure to

Help you create a better experience for your patients, doctors, nurses and hospital staff. Our open building automation solutions enable integration with systems and services throughout your hospital to create an efficient, healthy facility.
Help you cut your energy cost by automating and continuously optimizing your energy usage based on conditions like occupancy, scheduling, and daylight so that you can cut energy usage when places like patient or operating rooms aren’t being utilized or daylight can be used to compliment indoor lighting
Help Patients to have a more comfortable and healthy stay with room temperature, lighting, and sun blind controls at their fingertips, along with nurse call functionality. Patients can even see their daily medical schedule. Doctors and clinical staff are empowered to easily make any hospital space comfortable with access to simple touchscreen controls, while IOT sensors help them quickly track key hospital equipment.

Our Portfolio includes


  • Convenient, compatible, and cybersecure – From greater sustainability to lower operating costs, it’s      building control that addresses the challenges you face today.
  • The fastest IP HVAC controllers available – Whether you need to manage a simple RTU or complex           boiler and chiller rooms, the family of controllers offers a variety of controllers and I/O modules to       meet your needs.
  • The flexibility to handle almost any application – From scalable controllers that optimize energy use      across applications to compact models that fit virtually anywhere.


  • Offering the right software with the ability to scale as your building’s demands change.

Field Devices

  • Actuator
  • Economizer
  • Variable Frequency
  • Drives
  • Valves
  • Energy Meters
  • Sensors
  • Thermostats
  • Wall modules

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