Copper Telecom Cables

Copper telecom cables are used for the transmission of analog or digital communication signals. Symmetrically constructed telecom cables allow high transmission rates due to low attenuation losses. We are offering high quality feeder cables, distribution cables and local or domestic connection cables as well as indoor communication cables. Our product range includes cables with full PE insulation but also with PE foam-skin insulation. For a direct laying in the ground, we can offer copper Telecom cables with steel tape or steel wire armour. we also offer telecom cables in a halogen-free and fire retardant version, optionally with circuit integrity.

Fiber Optical Cables

Our product range includes outdoor or universal (indoor-outdoor) cables as well as special constructions with, for instance, metallic or aromatic rodent protection or with an Aluminum laminated Polyethylene outer sheath. We are also offer metal free aerial dielectric self-supporting cables (ADSS) or cables with reversal point marking. 

Our mini and micro fibre optical cables are characterized by an excellent blow-in behaviour into the various micro-duct systems. As a result, our fibre optical cables meet the demands for the deployment of the Next Generation Access (NGA) networks like FTTC, FTTB and FTTH.

Whether you are looking for an outdoor or for a universal cable in accordance with the European Construction Products Regulation (CPR), we can supply a wide range of standard cables suited to your requirement.

Safety Cables

Fire protection in buildings places ever more stringent requirements on their main components, and thus, also on cables and wires. Particular emphasis is put on fire propagation and smoke emission of the cables. Potentia in this regards offers its customer special halogen-free and flame retardant safety cables with or without circuit integrity. We are pleased to offer technical advice and support to our customers regarding the choice of the suitable cable support system. 

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We are offering high quality feeder cables, distribution cables and local or domestic connection cables as well as indoor communication

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