Medical Gas Distribution System

The Medical Gas Distribution System (pipeline network) is a key element of every hospital. It provides vital medical gases for patient ventilation and various clinical applications. We offer a complete range of devices allowing the supply of medical gases in healthcare facilities. High quality and in perfect compliance with current standards. Our supplied products have been designed in a way that ensure a safe and continuous supply of medical gases. Our brief portfolio includes:

Cylinder Manifolds

An important element of gas management in hospitals. They ensure the supply with medical gases and control the gas pressure. The core of the system is the Gas Control Station.

Copper Pipes

Medical piping network with all needed copper piping for the conveyance of medical gases within healthcare facilities. We also supplies copper connections and valves needed by any copper tubing installation for medical gas/vacuum delivery

Second Stage Regulators

Medical second stage pressure regulator adjusts the gas pressure in the primary network – coming from the technical part of the facility – to the secondary network, in healthcare services.


A full variety of medical gas high quality valves & ball valves cleaned and degreased and all designed for an easy installation and safe maintenance of the medical gas piping network.

Pressure Reducers

Pressure reducers are designed to reduce the pressure of oxygen, medical air or nitrous oxide at the outlet of the production system, to the pressure required in the primary medical gas piping network.

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